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Joining the Rady Incentives Lab Subject Pool is a great way to contribute to academic research and get a chance to earn cash or gift certificates while doing so. UCSD undergraduates, 18 and above, are welcome to join.

Your registration is voluntary. If at any time you wish to withdraw from this registry, contact the Lab Manager at Your participation in the studies is voluntary, and you may choose to participate in certain surveys and decline to participate in others.

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About the lab

By registering in the Rady Incentives Lab subject pool, you will be informed of all research studies at the Rady Incentives Lab.
The lab is used by Rady faculty and Ph.D. students to investigate how people form judgments and make decisions. The topics studied in this lab include the processes by which intuition, reasoning and social interaction affect attitudes, beliefs, judgments and choices. These topics have important application in the study of marketing, organizational behavior, management and public policy.

Rady Incentives Lab Studies

The lab offers both in-person and online studies. Our studies typically ask people to indicate their opinions and judgments about various things.

In-person studies: most studies are usually short (20 minutes to an hour long), and take place at the Rady Behavioral Lab, Otterson Hall, 2S116.
Online studies: online studies can take anywhere between 5 minutes and one hour.


Compensation varies across studies and depends on length and complexity. Participants are compensated in cash. In some cases participants will enter a raffle to win gift certificates.

Payment is made in private. When paid, you will be asked to sign a payment receipt. The receipt is only for accounting purposes and it will not be linked to your responses.


We use e-mail to notify participants about available studies. All information provided to us will be kept strictly confidential and privacy will be respected to the fullest extent. Your answers will never be associated with you personally and will only be used on an aggregate basis.


To create your account, please, provide the following information: name, user ID, email address,

If you want to participate in our studies, select "PAID STUDIES", from the drop-down menu.

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By joining our subject pool you agree to the following statements

  1. I understand the general purpose of the tests and questionnaires.
  2. I understand that I can withdraw from the study at any time and my data will be destroyed.
  3. I understand that my responses are anonymous.
  4. I am at least 18 years old.
  5. I agree to be notified by email of upcoming studies.

Please do not register more than once. Submitting multiple entries under different names is an act of identity fraud and will disqualify you from further participation.

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